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Open House

Dr. Portia Bell had an Open House in September; This was for the community of people that have never been to the office. It was our way of showing our state-of-the-art equipment, introduce our staff, and of course, introduce Dr. Portia Bell.

open house open house 2 open house 3 open house 4

Dr Portia Bell visits Good Day Marketplace to discuss three ways to replace a missing tooth

Our office got the pleasure of having our Invisalign territory manager Michael Kimmet come in and give us updates on the new features for Invisalign.

invisalign update invisalign update 2 invisalign update 3 invisalign update 4

Dr Bell had the privilege of attending the 2018 National Dental Association convention in Orlando Florida. She was able to fellowship with other African American dentists across the united states and see the new and upcoming products available for our patients.

Our group got to participate in the 2018 Faith Thomas Foundation 4th Annual Sickle Cell Bowling Fundraiser. It was fun and an a very worth cause.

Dr. Portia Bell and her staff participated in a HIPAA class earlier this year. This was extremely informative because the HIPAA rules and regulations change drastically from year to year. It is very important to our practice that we stay up to date and current on all HIPAA practices.

HIPAA class HIPAA class

Dr. Portia Bell and her assistant "Jalese" did a continuing education class at The Ohio State University on the subject Implant-Retainer Overdenture Essentials. This class was very informative to the placement of Implants for our patients.

Ohio State University CE Ohio State University CE
Ohio State University CE Ohio State University CE

Dr. Portia Bell visits Good Day Marketplace on ABC

Lessons in a Lunch Box 2018

Feburary 23rd

East Linden Elementary School
2505 Brentnell Ave
Columbus, Ohio 43211

Principle: Cheryl Jones
54 Students Participated

lessons in a lunchbox lessons in a lunchbox 2 lessons in a lunchbox 3 lessons in a lunchbox 4 lessons in a lunchbox 5 lessons in a lunchbox 6

Clearwater Fl February 2018 Continuing Education

In the community

CAD CE Class 12/14/17

CAD Executive Board Welcomes Jae Denson

Dr.Bell visits Dr. Avis Broussard in Detroit MI 11/17


Dr. Portia Bell attended the 1st Annual LEAD STEM Expo December 9th 2017 located at Central Ohio Technical Center in Pataskala, Ohio as one of their Workshop Speakers. She spoke to some middle and high school students of different STEM Groups regarding careers in the Dental field.

LEAD STEM expo 1 LEAD STEM expo 2 LEAD STEM expo 3 LEAD STEM expo 4

ESTEM Chapter Meeting

It was my pleasure to meet with a wonderful group of young people interested in careers in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics on Saturday, October 1st. I shared with them my journey as a Healthcare Professional and Business Owner. They had many questions and I was happy to answer them. Thank you to my patient, Mr. Marcus Muhammad for the invitation!!

Ohio Dental Association Convention 2016

I attended the Ohio Dental Association Convention in September 2016. It is held annually in Columbus and dentists from all over the state come together to discuss issues and concerns that effect our patients and our practices. I participated as a panelist in the session titled “Cultural Competency”. It was my first time speaking at the ODA and it was such an honor!!


African Methodist Episcopal Church Annual Health Fair 2016

September was a busy month for me! I was asked to participate in the annual AME Church Health Fair. I enjoyed meeting with the health fair attendees and addressing their dental concerns.

National Dental Association Convention 2016 (Atlanta, Georgia)

I serve as a delegate for the National Dental Association and was in attendance for this year’s conference in Atlanta, Georgia. This year marked the NDA’s (National Black Dentist Organization) 103rd year of operation!! I learned alot and had a great time with my daughter!


King Arts Complex 29th Anniversary Heritage Gala

I was honored on Saturday, May 21, 2016 along with other African American Physicians and Dentists. We were recognized for 30+ years of service to the Columbus Community. I had such a wonderful time and it was such an honor to see and meet my fellow Medical and Dental professionals! It is my pleasure to be of service!!!


ROX at East Linden Elementary School

I had such a great time on Friday, May 13, 2016 with the ROX Girls at East Linden Elementary School. I shared with them my journey through my youth and I answered their many questions. ROX is a school program that consists of 10 girls from 4th and 5th grade.  They meet weekly for an hour and follow a curriculum that leads to in depth discussions of being a girl, girl drama, being passive, aggressive, assertive, having self-confidence, self-defense both verbally and physically, healthy relationships with friends and dating, social media issues and much more.  This program is 20 weeks long and I was an invited guest speaker this year! Their counselor and coordinator Heather Snyder has done/is doing an awesome job! Thank you so much for the invitation!

National Coalition Of 100 Black Women
2016 Health Extravaganza

On Saturday, April 9, 2016 I was asked to participate as a Doctor Panelist at the National Coalition of 100 Black Women's 2016 Health Extravaganza. I shared the importance of seeing a dentist regularly, the effects of not taking care of your oral cavity, and the health risks and conditions directly associated with untreated oral issues. Following my presentation I answered questions from those in attendance. Thank you so much Dr. Deddeh Reed for the invitation!

Lessons in a Lunchbox

Cassady Elementary School

2500 N Cassady Avenue, Columbus, Ohio 43219
Principal: Paula Baldwin

Columbus Association of Dentists
Coordinator: Dr. Portia J. Bell
Presentation Date: February 26, 2016       180 Students

My team and I had a great time at Cassady Elementary School! Our display of the learning materials and stacked lunchboxes were met with "Oooooohs and Aaaahhhs" as the children entered the gymnasium. Principal Baldwin and the students were interactive and very attentive!!! With the help of Dudley the dinosaur (ADA Cartoon Video Character),we learned about proper flossing and brushing! Dudley and his prehistoric pals kept us laughing in the midst of teaching us a lifelong skill.

Part of keeping your mouth healthy is making healthy snack choices. We discussed and played a "Healthy Snack" game with the use of our MyPlate posters and plastic snack choices. As we held up a healthy snack choice, the students shouted back the correct food group the snack belonged to. We also talked about why that particular snack was a good choice.

Before the lunchboxes and carrots were distributed, we went over all of the great things their new lunchbox had to offer! The students clapped their hands excitedly as I shared with them the many Dental careers (jobs) that were available to them. I encouraged them to shoot for the moon and that they can be anything they so desire!!

With the students in their seats, the lunchboxes with the carrots were passed out. Many giggles were heard and many smiles were shared as the students examined their special gifts. Questions were asked as the teachers, my team, and myself walked around the gymnasium. Because of the commitment of The Children's Oral Health Institute, 180 students now have the skills and tools they need to begin the journey to having a healthy smile for a life time! The Children's Oral Health Institute is based in Owings Mills, Maryland and is a national organization dedicated to promoting oral hygiene in the public school system. Thanks to their many sponsors, the program is free to the students, Dentists need only volunteer their time and effort to participate and I am so happy I did!



Placing Implants in the Dominican Republic!!

In January 2016 I went to the Dominican Republic to do an extensive study and training on impacted third molar removals (wisdom teeth). This trip marked my second time to the Dominican Republic within the span of 4 months. I was previously there in October 2015. Both times I was there with the The Implant Institute. The Implant Institute is an organization that trains dentists on the philosophy and technique on Implant placement along with other extensive oral procedures. I completed a 5 month course of study in Orlando, Florida culminating the receipt of my Fellowship into the International Dental Implant Association! As a final project, I placed over 40 implants! I am so proud!!! I love that I am a lifelong learner! Thanks Dr. Garg and The Implant Institute!! It is an honor to officially be a member!